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  • 21-Jun-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    Economy: Between a rock and a hard place

    The government unveiled a series of half-hearted measures to address it and kept kicking the can down the road

  • 03-Jan-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    How to make in India

    'Make in India' is a great slogan; but more of what we buy, or what the rest of the world buys is not yet being 'Made in India'

  • 12-Dec-2017 | Ajay Chhibber

    Budget FY19: Time to reboot

    The time to tread water will come next year in the run-up to 2019 elections

  • 25-Sep-2017 | Ajay Chhibber

    It's the economy, stupid

    With high interest rates, and a low risk of depreciation, portfolio inflows have risen sharply, leading to the appreciation of the rupee

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