Franklin Templeton MF followed a focused bottom-up approach: Roshi Jain

Avoiding momentum and focusing on quality at a reasonable price has helped Roshi Jain of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund emerge a winner

Brexit, Asian markets
Employees of a foreign exchange trading company work in front of monitors displaying television news on Britain's EU referendum and the Japanese yen's exchange rate against British pound (C) and the U.S. dollar (L) in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Reuters

Multi-cap funds have gained favour among investors and distributors in the past two years owing to their flexibility to invest in stocks across market capitalisations. Fund managers get the leeway to tilt the portfolio towards large-, mid- or small-cap shares depending on a host of factors. Franklin India Focused Equity, a multi-cap fund, has a large-cap lean, comprising about two-thirds of its portfolio. Fund manager Roshi Jain, however, clarifies that the fund is market-cap agnostic, with no pre-defined percentage for large- or mid- or small-cap allocation. “The fund ...