Catalogue conundrum

Husain was so prolific that his works continue to fetch up in the market, to be routinely traded, but very few of them are of exceptional quality. As a result, his prices have remained frozen for a while

Kishore Singh

The Akbar Padamsee that is on the cover of Saffronart's forthcoming auction catalogue hung for years on the dining room wall of Krishen Khanna's house in Gurgaon, a work he was immensely proud of and would point out to first-time visitors. The artist had acquired it from Bal Chhabda's Gallery 59 in 1979 for Rs 1,000 while still working with Grindlay's Bank in Kanpur, following which he wrote to Padamsee: "My dear Akbar, I might as well be frank - I was terribly envious that you had painted such a magnificent painting." Along with its impeccable provenance, the ...