Airbnb romances the Indian traveller

The company brings its global campaign to India, looks for trust and a way to grow its business in the country

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India is one of eight countries where Airbnb has launched its global campaign, its first branding initiative since the company entered the country in 2011

For close to a month, Airbnb's multimedia campaign 'Don't go there. Live there' has stared down billboards and the front pages of national media in the country. Part of its global campaign, this is the first time since the California-based company set up shop in India in 2011 that it has flexed its advertising muscle in the country. While the company says it was waiting to get the timing right, market and industry sources believe that Airbnb is kicking up the dust to get its business going in a country that has been lax in jumping on to the homestay opportunity. And now with ...