FMCG players shift gears to take on Patanjali

It's Colgate's Neem Active vs Ramdev's Dant Kanti, while HUL revives Ayurvedic brands and Nestle launches 25 new products

Tycoon in saffron

The mood at the India office of Colgate has turned upbeat. After months of losing sales to Patanjali Ayurved’s Dant Kanti, the American oral care giant seems to have found its feet. It has been pushing aggressively in the market its Colgate Neem Active Salt, which contains traditional Indian teeth cleansers neem and salt, to take on Dant Kanti. The results have been encouraging. The toothpaste, which Colgate had launched a year ago, now has a market share of 1.1 per cent. While it may still be short of Dant Kanti’s share of nearly 7 per cent of the Rs 7,000-crore toothpaste ...